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We offer digital marketing services in Kenya to businesses that need to level up!

More and more businesses are shifting to the online space in a bid to expand  and make more sales. And it’s working.

As you probably know, people are spending more and more time online and as a result they are doing more and more purchases there too!

There has been a steady increase in e-commerce sales in Kenya over the last few years as data shows.

Did you know that the e-commerce market in Kenya alone is worth $3.3 Billion? source: 

That is a HUGE market! Businesses that know that fact are not on the same level with the rest of the competition.

That market is estimated to grow by 8.3% in 2023 alone!

Where do we come in?

Our work is to help you or your business to put your foot in that space. Here is a small list of what we can help you achieve.

Our Expertise areas

Take a look at the various services we  have in our service catalog

Market research

With our in-house proprietary tools, we are able to do effective market research in your niche and provide actionable data that you can use to exploit opportunities.

Moving without direction is the most dangerous thing you can do in today’s digital space. The competition is tough but we can help you carve out you space and retain a strong grip on it!



We maintain a near real-time database of the most influential creators on the internet and we can put to work to push your business to the next level.

Some of them already use your products or services and you are now aware!

Ads Audit

You have been running ads but they have not been performing, yet your competition seems to just have the magic formula.

We can help you audit your current strategy and show what you could be missing in your strategy. Sometimes it’s the small things.

We know how to do proper A/B tests that reveal valuable data that could be used to replicate your strategy in future campaigns.

Content Strategy

Search Engines love content. It is how they rate your proficiency in the field you claim to be a pro in, called “topical authority“. So this means we have to incorporate content in our sites in order to look good to search engines.  

This is in addition to the obvious fact that when customers read great content from your website they will gain trust in you and be more likely to become customers.

We will help you create great content that resonates with your audience.

Results analysis and consistency

Staying on Top

Getting to the top is one thing but staying there is another. After all the higher you are the harder you fall, right? It does not have to be that way with the right strategy.

We help businesses to stay on top by analyzing the market for possible new opportunities. We also check what the competition is up to so you they will not sneak up on you!

We'd like to help your business grow

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Top 4 Reasons you Need Digital Marketing

Here are 4 reasons that explain why you need digital marketing in your business today!


If you had 1 million shillings to market your business on TV, it would buy you three or four adverts and that's it. The same amount invested in online marketing would run for weeks and reach more people than it's TV counterpart.


It is crucial for any business to listen to customer feedback at any level of their operations. It enables you to make future decisions and


Digital marketing is data driven. It is easy to measure R.O.I, based on metrics such as CPC, bouce rate, CTR e.t.c Therefore it is easy to identify campaigns that are not likely to be successful and stop them early and make the necessary adjustments before launching a campaign fully optimized to convert.

wider market

More and more people are spending more time online instead of on TV. It is therefore imperative that any business that wants to grow to put their attention on the digital space, in addition to the other methods that they use to market themselves.


These are just some industries that can benefit from our services.

Health Sector

Transport & logistics Industry

Construction Industry


Hospitality Industry

Finance Market

Data and Analytics

Personal Brands

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Why Us?

With a bajillion companies out there claiming to be pros in digital marketing? What set’s us apart? Great question.

1. Experience – We have helped many a business turn the sales graph upward. We have a combined experience of just under 30000 hours in the industry. We are not bluffing when we say we will help you secure the #1 spot in your field.

2. All our actions are data-driven – We do not move without direction or shoot without a target! We use various methods (some are expensive!) to build a database of data to gauge the impact of our actions before setting out to implement them. We share this data, too, so you can also understand where you are placed as a business and how our actions could impact your business.

3. Transparent Reporting – We package all of our reports transparently, giving you a clear picture of what we are working on and how it could impact your business. We also clearly show the results of your campaigns, including metrics such as website traffic, lead generation, and conversion rates. In addition to reports, we are always available to answer all your questions regarding our work!

4. Clear and transparent communication – Communication is the most basic yet crucial aspect of any relationship or transaction. That is why we strive to be as communicative as possible sharing all details and reports so you can see how your investment is paying off. 

5. We are your partners – We take our clients’ work as our own, and as such, we pay as much attention to detail as we would in our own work. We do not want you to disappear after the first contract, so we know we put in the work like our future literally depends on it 🙂


deep thought, mind, question-1296377.jpg

It depends on the client’s budget and intentions.

We work with almost every niche EXCEPT: Porn, Violence, Movies 

Basically, you just sign a contract, make a deposit as per the contract and we get to work.