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What we DO

We offer SEO services in Kenya to businesses that NEED to be seen. We also offer these services to businesses around the world, that need our services. We like to clearly state what we do:

Should you invest in SEO in Kenya?

More and more businesses are investing in websites to sell their commodities and services on in Kenya. So as much as they promote their businesses on social media, they also need to invest in SEO as well!

SEO is indispensable in marketing strategies today. Why? – Many businesses success or failure is determined by the Google search results page, often called SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This is the battle ground where some business win and others lose.

There are many ways to win on the Google SERP but many do not know it and many fail to create effective strategies to place their businesses on this highly coveted digital space.

We help place businesses strategically on SERPs, so customers can find them easily and click to see what is on the other side.

Our Expertise areas

Take a look at the various services we  have in our service catalog

Detailed SEO Audit

We will analyse your keyword strategy, check for H1s Images and videos, keyword cannibalisation, content length, metatags use title and description, website loading speed, current metrics in Google, broken links, 404 errors, spam metrics e.t.c 

This will give us a good idea of how much work we have to do, and what needs to be removed,   changed, or  improved.


Onsite Optimizations

Onsite technicalities are many, we have to check your website for a few things like, H1 & H2 use. Keyword distribution and keyword cannibalization. We also check to make sure your website is FAST,  ACCESSIBLE and is MOBILE FRIENDLY. 

Keyword Research

Doing keyword research helps us understand what your potential customers are searching and how we can place the keywords they are searching strategically, so that they can find your business. Once we have keywords we move on to the next stage which is:

Content Strategy

Search Engines love content. It is how they rate your proficiency in the field you claim to be a pro in, called “topical authority“. So this means we have to incorporate content in our sites in order to look good to search engines.  

This is in addition to the obvious fact that when customers read great content from your website they will gain trust in you and be more likely to become customers.

We will help you create great content that resonates with your audience.

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Results & Iterating

This is stage is for getting results! We see our hard work has started paying off and we can see our the website rising steadily through the ranks. 

But the work is not yet done. We keep checking what else needs to be improved and we do it. 

SEO is not an event, rather, it is a journey. Consistent  improvements will get us the results we want.

We'd like to help your business grow

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Industries that need SEO Services in Kenya

We have clients from the industries below who have trusted us with their projects.

Health Sector

Transport & logistics Industry

Construction Industry


Hospitality Industry

Finance Market

Data and Analytics

Personal Brands

Why Us?


We have worked with clients all over the world to help them understand  their market and their customers in order to make their websites more optimized to the customer journeys.


We are committed to providing quality and lasting solutions that do not expose you to issues like penalties and de-indexing by Google. 


When we have understood your situation, we offer practical advice and expectations. For instance, we would tell you that you'd need 100 backlinks to your website in order to beat your competition, and give you a realistic way of getting the 100 GREAT backlinks. It is widely known that 1 great backlink is better than 100 trash backlinks.

We're Pros

You work with professionals and not some interns who do not understand what they are doing. Any one can can create a website and claim to be a professional, but we have a track record and results to show for our words and promises.

What we DO NOT do

Let us answer your questions...

Here are some of the most asked questions you can peruse. We are sure you will have further questions so, feel free to contact us.

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It is dependent on a number of factors. 

  1. SEO difficulty – Some businesses are more competitive than others. Therefore, it might take some businesses more time to achieve their goals.
  2. Budget -SEO is a complex process can be time consuming and  resource intensive. Having a strong budget is directly proportional to more success.
  3. Consistency – When we improve your website, it needs to keep the same standards even when we are done. that is why we leave some guidelines on how your content will be organized and how to update your website.

We work with almost every niche EXCEPT: Porn, Violence, Movies 

If you have the time and patience, then by all means you can buy some courses and start getting your hands dirty. If not you can out source to the pros who have been doing it for a living!

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